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Israel – the Startup nation

Israeli Micro Camera Technology

Mobileye is an Israeli innovation that uses a tiny digital camera along with complex algorithms to help drivers stay safe. The device can warn drivers of impending dangers and risks such as when a driver is carelessly changing lanes, a pedestrian is crossing the road, or when a car is slowing. MobileEye already is working in conjunction with major car manufacturers as GM, BMW and Volvo and more.

SanDisk’s USB flash drive

SanDisk’s USB flash drive portable storage device was created by Israeli, Dov Moran, and has changed the way people all over the world store and transfer data. The disk-on-key, as it is commonly called, was invented in 1998 in Israel and has almost completely replaced the use of CD’s and disks.

Rummikub – an Israeli Invention

The beloved game Rummikub, played by people all over the world, was invented in Israel by Ephraim Hertzani in the 1940’s.

Do You Remember ICQ?

In 1996, Israeli company Mirabilis introduced ICQ, the first of its kind online instant messaging service. When America Online bought the hit technology, online chatting became hugely popular and the way people communicated online was forever changed.

Intel Israel

Intel Israel changed the world of computers with the invention of its 8088 processor, MMX and Centrino mobile technology. In the 1990’s, Israeli engineers at Intel devised the revolutionary technology to upgrade computer processing. The invention is now considered the one that laid the groundwork for the modern PC used across the globe.