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Smart Drip and Micro-irrigation Technology

Israeli company, Netafim, forever changed the world of agriculture with its revolutionary smart drip and micro-irrigation technology. The kibbutz owned company started with and expanded on Israeli engineer Simcha Blass’s idea of creating an irrigation system in which water is released in controlled slow drips. This method provides precise irrigation to crops, without losing and wasting excess water to evaporation, which occurs with traditional irrigation systems that spray water up into the the air. Netafim, whose technology is saving resources and money in 112 countries and counting, has 13 factories around the world.

Hazera Genetics, which started as a project of two professors at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, resulted in the now famous and delicious cherry tomato. The cherry tomato, enjoyed by people all over the globe, has the advantage of being the perfect size to eat while ripening slowly so that it stays fresher longer.

Rav Bariach an Israeli company founded in 1973, is considered a world leader in the development and manufacturing of top quality steel security doors. The doors uniquely come with geometric locks whose cylinders extend from different points into the doorframe, offering customers the upmost in security. The state of the art company churns out more that 1,o00 doors a day and customers on five continents use the doors for their peace of mind.