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Israel – the Startup nation

The Java platform from Israel

The Java platform inside the Kindle is an Israeli created innovation. When Amazon hired the company Sun to develop a platform to run the software for its renowned e-reading device, Kindle, Sun selected its Herzeliya based R&D headquarters to design and develop the technology. Now, countless users the world over are reading on their Kindles with this game changing Israeli technology.

Takadu is an Israeli company whose revolutionary technology empowers water utilities all over the world to improve their efficiency and services. The software allows them to monitor, detect and control problems such as leaks, bursts, zone breaches and inefficiencies so that water companies can make quick decisions and smart responses, helping them to prevent lost resources and save money.

Israeli Solar Battery

The Haifa-based company Sol Chip has developed a first of its kind solar battery that that can regenerate itself. The technology provides a solution to the constant need to charge batteries of mobile devices and the company is working on expanding this technology to benefit the fields of agriculture, farming, security and more.

Given Imaging

Given Imaging, an Israeli company located in the northern town of Yoqneam, invented a tiny but revolutionary device that has become a game-changer in the field of gastroenterology. The invention, called the PillCam, is a tiny camera that is contained inside a pill-size dissolvable capsule. With the help of the PillCam, doctors are now able to identify and monitor problems in the GI track without the need to administer traditional endoscopic procedures which are often uncomfortable, invasive and sometimes risky. Lesions, ulcers, tumors and other abnormalities are just some of the medical conditions that doctors can detect and keep tabs on using PillCam. More than half a million people in over 50 countries world wide have benefitted from PillCam and more are using it every day.